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Mayo: Cavendish Lane, Castlebar Galway: Unit 7, Forster Court, Galway City

Evans HD Dry Coated Snare Head 13''

  • €26.00

The Evans HD Dry Coated Snare Head, 13'' is ideal for those looking for a super-dry, controlled snare tone. 2-ply design - 7.5mil inner and 5mil outer film - offers articulation with control and sensitivity. Around the edge, precision-drilled vents reduce overtones and reign in the sustain - hence the Dry name. Floating underneath these is a 2mil overtone control ring that adds even more tonal and sustain control to your snare sound.

Incorporating Evans Level 360 Technology, the entire head is playable, whilst the vertically enhanced collar design sits flush with the shells bearing edge, transferring the heads energy to the shell and pulling out as much tone as possible. Ideal for those looking for a solid, controlled and dry tone - especially in the studio - the HD Dry does exactly that.

  • Precision-drilled dry vents reduce overtones and control sustain, great for recording
  • Two-ply design with two different films for a unique playing surface
  • 2mil overtone control ring around the vents controls achieves super-dry tones
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA

    Drum Not Included