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Enova 3 m microphone cable XLR female to XLR male 3 pin NXT-M1-XLFM-3

  • €29.00

NXT-M1-XLFM-3 Specifications

  • Order number: NXT-M1-XLFM-3
  • protection class: Microphone cable
  • Typ: ENOVA microphone cable
  • EAN: 7640383074644
Product information "3 m microphone cable XLR female to XLR male 3 pin - True Mold Technology"

New premium plug-and-go XLR cable based on True Mold connection technology. Highly flexible balanced analog audio cable with over-molded 3-pole XLR metal connectors.

Connector side A: EnovaNxt 3-pol XLR male connector
Connector side B: EnovaNxt 3-pol XLR female connector
Cable length: 3 meters

The “True Mold” technology merges the connectors and the cable to a fully integrated, ready-made-cable. Only the essential components of the XLR connectors are used and as a result overcoming the weaknesses of the individual connectors.
Manufactured in Europe, the EnovaNxt product is designed for on-stage applications and offers an improved production again dust and water. Gold plated XLR contacts ensure an optimal conductivity, better corrosion protection and increased durability when mating frequently. To avoid short-circuit faults, the solder joints are protected by heat shrink tubes. As a result of the fully integrated design, the strain relief withstands a higher force than conventional manufactured XLR cables. The modern and slick design of the over-molding allows for an enhanced handling. Further the tapered design puts an end to drooping cables, often seen on stage, in studios and in broadcasting. The new EnovaNxt microphone cable features an interchangeable color coding ring (available as accessory in 9 colors by end 2022). With this feature, event technicians and musicians can change the color coding of the cable at any time making cumbersome rewiring obsolete.
EnovaNxt’s first product features a 2-conductor, shielded microphone cable. It has an outer diameter of 6.4mm and 2 x 0.22mm² conductor cross-section with a 98% copper braided shied.

Brand: EnovaNxt
Version (Plug / Chassis): Cable Version
Connector type: XLR, XLR female 3 pol, XLR male 3 pol
Cable type: XLR female - male
Connection mode: Push-button latch
Number of contacts: 3
Gender (M / F): Cable female to male
Connector housing color: Black
Cable surface color: Black
Cable length: 3 meters
Cable diameter: Ø 6.4 mm
Wire size: Ø 24 AWG 0.22 mm
Wiring mode: Solder contact
Plug cycle: > 1000
Country of origin: EU
Operating voltage (VAC.RMS): < 50 V
Contact resistance: ≤ 3 mΩ
max. Rated current (A): 16 A
Applications: DJ, Keyboard player, Singer, Sound engineer