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Joyo CM-24 5 Way Daisy Chain Right Angle Jack

  • $11.00

CM-24 5 way Daisy Chain right angle jack for Guitar Effect Power Supply

JOYO’s CM24 daisy chain cables can be used to supply power to more than one guitar effect pedal, removes the need for 5 x 9v power supplies using the same polarity. All the plugs of these series have undergone pure copper electroplating treatment and the core of the power cable is a pure copper conductor and will fit most guitar effect pedals requiring a 5.5mm jack.

These cables are suitable for heavy current or low current effect pedals. Just make sure that your main supply has enough Mah to power the pedals you attach.. A 9v DC supply operating at 1000mah, will power 5 x 200mah pedals, a simple calculation.

Connect your main supply to the female and let electricity do the rest..

Model:- CM24
Material:- Pure Copper Core, Brass Nickel plated DC plugs for better conductivity
Type: 1 female and 5 male plugs (Male plugs are right angled tuning fork plugs to fit tightly and prevent short circuits
Colour:- Black (High Quality PVC Casing with 3mm diameter)

DC female straight plug:- inner ring: 5.5mm ; inner needle: 2.1mm
Colour: Black(high quality PVC casing, diameter of casing: 3mm)
Length: total length: 750mm, length between the 2 jack plugs: 150mm