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Kyser KG3B Short-Cut Capo - Black

  • €24.00

Kyser KG3B Short-Cut Capo - Black 

Go entirely new places with your acoustic guitar's tunings! Kyser's Short-Cut 3-String Acoustic Capo lets you capo the first three strings on your guitar. This allows you to make chord formations on the fingerboard that are familiar to you. This quick-release capo has a partial design and will put just the right amount of tension on the fretted area. The Short-Cut 3-String Acoustic Capo works with any 6-string acoustic guitar that has a radiused (curved) fingerboard. Put this capo on your guitar and hear where your inspiration takes you!


  • Capo first three strings without changing guitar's tuning

  • Quick-release design

  • Partial capo

  • Designed to be used on any 6-string acoustic guitar with a radiused fingerboard

Usage & Care Recommendations

  • Position the Kyser Quick-Change as close as
possible to the fret to be clamped. The Kyser Quick-Change is designed to
 eliminate interference with the fretboard playing
 hand. To accomplish this, position the Kyser
Quick-Change such that the string spanning
 clamping jaws do not protrude past the lower edge of the fretboard.

  • The Kyser Quick-Change should not remain
 clamped on the guitar strings when not in use.
 Removing the Kyser Quick-Change from the 
guitar allows the rubber strip to restore 
itself to its original shape.

  • Always unclamp the Kyser Quick-Change to
move it. Do not slide it up and down the fretboard.

  • Periodically, oil the pivot and the spring contact